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The Corvallis Heart of the Valley Bridge Center is up and running! For ways to help and get involved, please click here.

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Albany Bridge Club

Two Rivers Market (upstairs)
250 Broadalbin St SW Suite 215
Albany, Oregon 97321

phone (541) 990-4243 (Bob Peery)

 or (541) 791-9518 (Myrna Evans)

(click here for map)

Corvallis Bridge Club

1931 NW Circle Blvd (east of the Dollar Tree) 
Corvallis, OR 97330 


phone (541) 740-1072

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A great showing by our members at the Medford Regional, led by Rick Garvin with 27.46 points!   But thanks to the ACBL Incompleteness Algorithm on their results page, I don’t have any info on how he garnered those 27.46 points!  But congratulations anyway, Rick!


27.46 Richard Garvin, Corvallis OR
19.42 Irva Neyhart, Corvallis OR
19.42 Dennis Harms, Corvallis OR
15.74 Terrance Hill, Corvallis OR
15.74 Paul Hochfeld, Corvallis OR
15.74 Terrance Hill, Corvallis OR
15.74 Paul Hochfeld, Corvallis OR
14.12 Mark Rowe, Philomath OR
14.12 Eileen Boal, Albany OR

10.45 Mary Alice Seville, Corvallis OR
 9.42 Noeline Myers, Corvallis OR
 7.99 Sandra Allen, Corvallis OR
 3.85 Susan Fairchild, Corvallis OR
 3.85 Clifford Fairchild, Corvallis OR
 2.76 Virginia Weis, Corvallis OR
 2.76 Barbara Dowling, Corvallis OR

3rd Tuesday Morn Side Pairs
Mary Alice Seville – Sandra Allen, Corvallis OR

4th Tuesday Gold Pairs
Eileen Milligan – Noeline Myers, Corvallis OR

1st Medford Bracketed KOs

Terrance Hill – Irva Neyhart – Dennis Harms – Paul Hochfeld, Corvallis OR 

Rogue Valley Pairs
7th (A) Dennis Harms – Irva Neyhart, Corvallis OR
6th (B) Paul Hochfeld – Terrance Hill, Corvallis OR
1st (C) Mark Rowe, Philomath OR; Eileen Boal, Albany OR

Thurs Strat Pairs
14th (A) Irva Neyhart – Dennis Harms, Corvallis OR
1st (C)  Mark Rowe, Philomath OR; Eileen Boal, Albany OR

Thurs Aft 299er Swiss

2nd Clifford Fairchild – Susan Fairchild – Virginia Weis – Barbara Dowling, Corvallis OR

Thurs Eve Side Pairs
1st (B) Mark Rowe, Philomath OR; Eileen Boal, Albany OR

Fri Stat Pairs
3rd (C)  Mark Rowe, Philomath OR; Eileen Boal, Albany OR

Memorial Bracketed KOs
3rd Eileen Milligan – Noeline Myers – Sandra Allen – Mary Alice Seville, Corvallis OR 
2nd (F) Virginia Weis – Barbara Dowling, Corvallis OR

Sat Morn Side
1st (B)   Eileen Milligan – Mary Alice Seville, Corvallis OR








Larry Cohen Seminars in Eugene!

I am very pleased that Larry Cohen will be presenting seminars mornings (7/30, 7/31 , 8/1) during the Emerald Empire Regional tournament in Eugene this summer.  Larry is a master teacher.  He has the ability to present to an audience with widely different skill levels and everyone learns something new.   I have attached a flyer for the tournament and registration form for the seminars (the flyer and the registration form are back to back).

Similar seminars by Larry are offered for $250 or more.  Ours is a real bargain.  This is an opportunity not to be missed

If you have questions, email me at Seville@comcast.net.

Hope to see you in Eugene this summer.

Mary Alice Seville
D20 Education Liaison







Quick Lists
  generally list those games that offer extra points or a Special Event.

Regularly scheduled games for Corvallis and Albany would be superseded by the games listed below.


Tournament Quick List

Flyers will be linked when available

2015 Sectionals (Oregon/Washington District 20)
2015 Regionals (District 20)
2015 Nationals

May Special Games

Tue, May 26  Corvallis Grass Roots (Board-A-Match), 7:00pm

June Special Games

Mon, Jun 1  Albany Unit Game (Open Pairs), 12:00 noon
Tue, Jun 2  Corvallis NAP (Open & 199er), 1:00pm
Tue, Jun 2  Corvallis Club Championship (Open Pairs), 7:00pm

Tue, Jun 9  Corvallis Charity Club Championship (Open Pairs), 7:00pm
Fri, Jun 12 Corvallis Club Championship (Open & 0-50), 7:00pm
Sat, Jun 13 Corvallis Stratified Swiss Team, 1:00pm

Mon, Jun 15  Albany Local Charity (Open Pairs), 12:00 noon
Tue, Jun 16  Corvallis NAP (Open Pairs), 7:00pm
Thu, Jun 18  Albany NAP (Open Pairs), 12:00 noon
Fri, Jun 19  Corvallis Charity Club Championship (Bagels & Bridge), 10:00am

Tue, Jun 23  Corvallis Club Championship (Open & 199er), 1:00pm
Tue, Jun 23  Corvallis Swiss Team (no extra points, $5), 7:00pm
Wed, Jun 24  Corvallis Club Championship (Open Pairs), 1:00pm

Mon, Jun 29  Albany Club Championship (Team), 12:00 noon
Tue, Jun 30  Corvallis NAP (Open Pairs), 7:00pm

2015 SECTIONAL TOURNAMENTS (Oregon/Washington District 20)

Portland Spring Sectional (new players 0-5 mp play free!)
Portland OR
May 29-May 31

Eugene Sectional 
Eugene OR
Jun 5-Jun 7

Ace of Clubs (Beaverton) Sectional
Beaverton OR
Jun 13-Jun 14


Klamath Falls Sectional
Klamath Falls OR
Jun 19-Jun 21


Salem (Keizer) Summer Sectional
Salem OR
Jun 26-Jun 28


Hood River Sectional
Hood River OR
Jul 17-Jul 19

Vancouver USA Sectional
Vancouver OR
Aug 14-Aug 16

High Desert Sectional
Bend OR
Aug 28-Aug 30

Ace of Clubs NLM Sectional
Beaverton OR
Aug 29-Aug 30

Portland Fall Sectional
Portland OR
Sep 18-Sep 20

Rogue Valley Sectional
Medford (Phoenix) OR
Oct 16-Oct 18

Vancouver Fall NLM Sectional
Vancouver WA
Oct 17-Oct 18

Central Oregon Coast Sectional
Newport OR
Oct 22-Oct 25

Vancouver USA NLM Sectional
Vancouver WA
Nov 14-Nov 15


Emerald Empire Regional
Eugene OR
Jul 27-Aug 2

Oregon Coast Regional
Seaside OR
Sep 28-Oct 6

Leavenworth Regional
Leavenworth WA
Oct 26 – Nov 1


Summer NABC
Chicago IL
Aug 5-Aug 16


Denver CO
Nov 25-Dec 6



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