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The Corvallis Heart of the Valley Bridge Center is up and running! For ways to help and get involved, please click here.

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Club Game Quick List (April Quick List updated)
Tournament Quick List 


 HotV Sectional Results!

 48 of our Unit Members scored at our recent HotV Sectional!
Complete results are on the ACBL web page.

15.60 Irva Neyhart, Corvallis OR
12.24 Dennis Harms, Corvallis OR
 8.27 Brian Breckenridge, Corvallis OR
 7.75 David Finley, Albany OR
 7.14 Stan Blasgow, Philomath OR
 7.14 Mark Rowe, Philomath OR
 6.84 Carol Harms, Corvallis OR
 5.45 Dick Jarvinen, Corvallis OR
 5.45 Chloe Jarvinen, Corvallis OR
 5.17 George Boger, Corvallis OR
 4.49 Greg Smith, Corvallis OR
 4.29 Bob Peery, Corvallis OR
 4.05 Robert Peterkort, Corvallis OR
 4.01 Mary Alice Seville, Corvallis OR
 4.01 Eileen Milligan, Corvallis OR
 3.26 Joyce Dickerson, Corvallis OR
 3.14 Delores Clark, Albany OR
 2.65 Becky McKenzie, Corvallis OR
 2.57 Paul Hochfeld, Corvallis OR
 2.57 Paul Adams, Blodgett OR
 2.56 Erik Larson, Corvallis OR
 2.56 Ann Larson, Corvallis OR
 2.50 Walter Thies, Corvallis OR
 2.08 Rich Garvin, Corvallis ORR
 2.04 Glenda Fleming, Albany OR
 1.93 Mary Vance, Corvallis OR
 1.93 Allan Selberg, Albany OR
 1.76 Karen Nelson, Corvallis OR
 1.60 Gil Lawrence, Albany OR
 1.60 Daniel Rogers, Albany OR
 1.56 Pat Moore, Corvallis OR
 1.56 Joyce Bailey, Corvallis OR
 1.55 William Grady, Albany OR
 1.32 Linda Smith, Corvallis OR
 1.32 Karen McCuaig, Corvallis OR
 1.32 Elaine Green, Corvallis OR
 1.32 Ann Mills, Corvallis OR
 1.08 Maureen Gosda, Albany OR
 1.08 Gayanne Alexander, Corvallis OR
 0.79 Susan Remily, Albany OR
 0.79 Daniel Remily, Albany OR
 0.65 Wanda Knight, Albany OR
 0.65 Eileen Boal, Albany OR
 0.64 Jeannine George, Corvallis OR
 0.64 Barbara Livernois, Corvallis OR
 0.52 Tom Savage, Albany OR
 0.52 Sharron Wechsler, Corvallis OR
 0.52 Mary Moore, Corvallis OR







The next Corvallis Club board meeting is scheduled for March 5th at 7:00.  Check the Club Business page for more details, including the agenda.


The Albany-Corvallis Special Games list has been updated.  Thank you, Eleanor!


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Quick Lists
  generally list those games that offer extra points or a Special Event.

Regularly scheduled games for Corvallis and Albany would be superseded by the games listed below.

March Quick List

Tuesday, Mar 3: Corvallis Club Membership, 7:00 pm

Monday, Mar 9: Club Championship – 99er Pairs, 7:00 pm
Tuesday, Mar 10
: Corvallis GNT Fund, Open Pairs, 7:00 pm

Wednesday, Mar 11: Albany NLM Membership, 10:00 am
Wednesday, Mar 11: Corvallis Club Membership, Open Pairs, 1:00 pm

Sunday, Mar 15: Unit Game (Corvallis), Open Pairs, 1:00 pm
Monday, Mar 16: Albany ACBL Charity, Open Pairs, 12:00 pm
Tuesday, Mar 17:   Corvallis Club Championship, 2 Section (Open & 199er), 1:00 pm
Tuesday, Mar 17: Corvallis Grass Roots Fund, Open Pairs, 7:00 pm
Thursday, Mar 19: Albany Membership, Open Pairs, 12:00 pm

Tuesday, Mar 24: Corvallis Club Charity Championship, Open Pairs & 199er, 1:00 pm
Tuesday, Mar 24: Corvallis Swiss Team, 7:00 pm

Friday, Mar 27: Corvallis Club Championship, 2 Section (Open & 0-50), 7:00 pm

Monday, Mar 30: Albany Club Championship, Swiss, 12:00 pm
Tuesday, Mar 31: Unit Game (Corvallis), Open Pairs, 7:00 pm

April Quick List

Wednesday, Apr 1: Corvallis Club Charity Championship, 1:00 pm
Thursday, Apr 2: Unit Fund/Foundation Gay 90’s Party — Albany Open Pairs (12 Noon)
Saturday, Apr 4: Corvallis Club Charity Champ — Swiss Team (1 PM)

Monday, Apr 6: Unit Game — Albany Open Pairs (12 Noon)
Tuesday, Apr 7: Corvallis Club Charity Champ — 2 Section (Open & 199er) (1 PM)
Tuesday, Apr 7: Corvallis Club Charity Champ — Open Pairs (7 PM)

Sunday, Apr 12: Corvallis Club Champ — Open Fast Pairs (6:30 PM)
Tuesday, Apr 14: Corvallis Club Charity Champ — Open Pairs (7PM)
Wednesday, Apr 15: Albany NLM Local Charity  (10 AM)
Friday, Apr 17: Corvallis Club Membership — 2 Section (Open & 0-50) (7 PM)

Sunday, Apr 19: Corvallis Unit Game — Corvallis Open Pairs (1 PM)
Tuesday, Apr 21: Corvallis Club Charity Champ — Open Pairs (7 PM)
Tuesday, Apr 28: Corvallis Club Charity Champ — Swiss Team (7 PM)
Wednesday, Apr 29: Corvallis Club Charity Champ — Swiss Team (1 PM)
Thursday, Apr 30: Albany Club Champ — Swiss Team (12 Noon)

Tournament Quick List

Flyers will be linked when available.

Heart of the Valley Sectional
Albany OR
Feb 27-Mar 1

Spring NABC
New Orleans LA
Mar 12-Mar 22

Mesa Roadrunner Senior Regional
Mesa AZ
Apr 6-Apr 12

Vancouver Senior Sectional (players 60+ years or older;  new players 0-5 mp play free!)
Vancouver, WA
Apr 11-Apr 12

Seaside Sectional
Seaside OR
Apr 17-Apr 19

Rogue Valley Regiona

Medford OR
May 11-May 17

Portland Spring Sectional (new players 0-5 mp play free!)
Portland OR
May 29-May 31

Emerald Empire Regional

Eugene OR
Jul 27-Aug 2

Summer NABC
Chicago IL
Aug 5-Aug 16

High Desert Sectional
Bend OR
Aug 28-Aug 30

Oregon Coast Regional
Seaside OR
Sep 28-Oct 6

Central Oregon Coast Sectional
Newport OR
Oct 22-Oct 25


Denver CO
Nov 25-Dec 6



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