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The Corvallis Heart of the Valley Bridge Center is up and running! For ways to help and get involved, please click here.

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Albany Bridge Club

Two Rivers Market (upstairs)
250 Broadalbin St SW Suite 215
Albany, Oregon 97321

phone (541) 990-4243 (Bob Peery)

 or (541) 791-9518 (Myrna Evans)

(click here for map)

Corvallis Bridge Club

1931 NW Circle Blvd (east of the Dollar Tree) 
Corvallis, OR 97330 


phone (541) 740-1072

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Beavers Win!  Beavers Win!


Ducks lose!  Ducks lose!


The Beavers have now won every head to head Civil War Bridge Battle that has occurred in this state, overwhelming the contenders from the South by a score of 5,777 to 5,267.5!  Thanks to everyone who contributed match points to our cause!

We also made the Front Page of the Gazette Times (Saturday,  Nov 21) as well as an almost full inside page.  A great article with lots of pictures and quotes.  The entire article can be found here; it may require a small survey or registration but it is well worth it and has some fun photos. Thanks GT!

And a huge thanks to all the organizers and supports of this event with a special thumbs-up to Rick Garvin who set up the scoring program and provided the results and notes below. 

A good time was had by all today, and Linn-Benton food share was the big winner.  Thank you to everybody who filled the food barrels to overflowing.  Participation exceeded expectations and good spirits were shown.

 I am attaching the spreadsheet that we used to determine the winning team.  It indicates that the home field advantage held true, and Unit 477 won.  (The pdf equivalent of this spreadsheet has been uploaded to our website here: http://www.albanycorvallisbridgeclub.org/game_scores/results/2015/11/unit477and479_20151120M.pdf).

Our scoring philosophy is to count as many scores as possible in order to maximize the participation across the strats while keeping each strat’s contribution equal.  The maximum number of scores that can be counted in each strat was 5.  This value is the smallest number of players in any single strat for either club.  EBC had 6 strat A pairs, 5 B pairs, and 12 C pairs, while Unit 477 had 9 A pairs, 11 B pairs, 10 C pairs.  N.B. one pair’s score counted for neither club, since it had a player from each unit – they declared themselves neutral (actually they said “Swiss” in a clever pun).  At any rate, the smallest number of pairs in any single strat for any club was 5.  Therefore, the top 5 scores in each strat counted toward each club’s “total counted matchpoint score”.

A few comments about the spreadsheet design.  Pairs are sorted by club, by strat, then by matchpoint score.  Each pair’s name is listed, with their flight (strat), matchpoint score, percentage score, and the unit each player is from, so far as ACBL knows.  Players whose unit association is not found are assigned a value “unk” (unknown).  I highlighted the “top 5 scores” in color for each unit, using their school colors as nearly as possible.  Under the column labeled “Sum(1..5)” is the sum of the top 5 scores for each club’s strat, and at the bottom of that column, the total of the 3 scores is shown.  The winning unit is determined by this final value.  Unit 477 won 5777 vs. 5267.5
- Rick Garvin


However… and this is NOT an insignificant ‘however’…

Where’s Lucky?

And where is our champagne??



Winter Class Schedule!

Click here for info on our Winter Classes.



Bid now on one of five condo units being auctioned during the Sunriver Regional (near Bend, Oregon).

Click HERE to bid!


Nosh Wednesdays are now scheduled for the FIRST Wednesday of every month until further notice.




Winter Classes in Corvallis
at Heart of the Valley Bridge Center, 1931 NW Circle Blvd.


Bridge Basics 2: Competitive Bidding

Instructor: Mary Vance

Mondays, 10:00 am – 12:00

Jan. 11- Feb. 29

Cost: $40 plus $10 for the book (sold at first lesson)


Bridge Basics 2: Competitive Bidding

Instructor: Sandy Allen

Thursdays, 7:00 – 9:00 pm

Jan. 14 – Mar. 3

Cost: $40 plus $10 for the book (sold at first lesson)


Intermediate Bridge: Improving Your Judgment–Opening the Bidding

Instructor: Mary Vance

Tuesdays, 9:00 – 11:00 am

Jan. 12 – Mar. 1

Cost: $40 plus $12 for the book (sold at first lesson)

Prior bridge experience is recommended


Advanced Conventions

Instructor: Eileen Milligan

Wednesdays, 7:00 – 9:00 pm

Jan. 13 – Mar. 9 (No class 2/17)

Cost: $40 plus $10 for class materials

Prior bridge experience is needed.


Pre-registration for classes is encouraged but not required.

  • To pre-register for Mary Vance’s classes, contact

   her directly: maryvance@peak.org; 541-760-1311

  • To pre-register for other classes, leave a message at the Bridge Center, including your phone number  
    Phone:    541-740-1072
    and/or Email: corvallisbridge@gmail.com;






Quick Lists
  generally list those games that offer extra points or a Special Event.

Regularly scheduled games for Corvallis and Albany would be superseded by the games listed below.

Special Games (click here for .pdf version)

 Mon, Nov 16  Albany    Club Membership– Open Pairs (12 Noon)
 Tue, Nov 17  Corvallis Club Champ — 2 Sections (OPEN Pairs & 199er Pairs)  (1 PM)
 Tue, Nov 17  Corvallis Enhanced Club Champ — Open Pairs (7 PM)  
 Fri, Nov 20  Corvallis Club Charity Champ — Bagels & Bridge Open Pairs (10 AM)  
 Fri, Nov 20  Corvallis MENTORSHIP — Mentorship Pairs with at least 1 person in each pair < 100 (7 PM)  
 Mon, Nov 23  Corvallis Club Champ — 99er Pairs (7 PM)  
 Tue, Nov 24  Corvallis GNT Qualifier — Swiss Team (7 PM)  

 Mon, Nov 30  Albany    Club Champ — Swiss Team (12 Noon)  

 Tue, Dec 1  Corvallis  Grass Roots Fund — Open Pairs (7 PM)  
 Thu, Dec 3  Albany     Unit Fund/Foundation — Albany Election Party Open Pairs (12 Noon)  
 Sat, Dec 5  Corvallis  GNT Qualifier — Swiss Team  (1 PM)  
 Mon, Dec 7  Albany     STaC — Open Pairs (12 Noon)       
 Tue, Dec 8  Corvallis  STaC — 2 Section (Open & 199er) (1 PM)  
 Tue, Dec 8  Corvallis  STaC — Open Pairs (7 PM)  
 Wed, Dec 9  Albany     STaC — NLM Pairs (10 AM)  
 Wed, Dec 9  Corvallis  STaC — Open Pairs (1 PM)
 Thu, Dec 10  Albany    STaC — Open Pairs  (12 Noon) (Th)
 Fri, Dec 11  Corvallis STaC — Bagels & Bridge Open Pairs (10 AM) (F)
 Fri, Dec 11  Corvallis STaC — 2 Section (Open & 0-50) (7 PM) (F)
 Sun, Dec 13  Corvallis STaC — Open Fast Pairs (6:30 PM)  
 Mon, Dec 14  Albany    Unit Game — Open Pairs (12 Noon)  
 Tue, Dec 15  Corvallis (No Extra Pts) — Open Pairs (7 PM)  
 Wed, Dec 16  Albany    Club Champ — NLM Pairs (10 AM)  
 Fri, Dec 18  Corvallis Club Champ — Bagels & Bridge Open Pairs (10 AM)  
 Fri, Dec 18  Corvallis Club Champ — 2 Section (Open & 0-50) (7 PM)
 Sun, Dec 20  Corvallis Unit Game — Open Pairs  (1 PM)  
 Mon, Dec 21  Albany    Local Charity — Open Pairs (12 Noon)  
 Tue, Dec 22  Corvallis Club Membership — 2 Section (Open & 199er) (1 PM)  
 Tue, Dec 22  Corvallis GNT — Swiss Team (7 PM)  
 Tue, Dec 29  Corvallis Unit Fund/Foundation — Open Pairs (7 PM)  
 Wed, Dec 30  Corvallis Club Champ Charity — Open Pairs (1 PM)
 Thu, Dec 31  Albany    Swiss Team — (12 Noon)   

Tournament Quick List

Flyers will be linked when available

2015 Sectionals (Oregon/Washington District 20)
2015 Regionals (District 20)
2015 Nationals

2015 SECTIONAL TOURNAMENTS (Oregon/Washington District 20)






Denver CO
Nov 25-Dec 6



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