Social Bridge Game – Nov 2

On Nov 2, 1:00 pm Social bridge players and duplicate players will team up for a Swiss team game. If you are interested in playing, contact Mary Alice.

Mentor Program in Nov/Dec

We have established a Mentor Program for newer players that pairs them with a more experienced player. Please check our Mentor Flyer for more information.

Nov 22-23 Sectional

Our 299er Sectional is coming Nov 22-23, 2014! For details on the tournament and food/lodging, check our flyer.

We Need You

The Corvallis Heart of the Valley Bridge Center is up and running! For ways to help and get involved, please click here.

Welcome . . .

 Halloween Parties in Albany (Thursday) and Corvallis (Friday)!

Join us Thursday, Oct 30 at 12:00 in Albany for our 8-is-enough Swiss Team Halloween Party!   Food and decorations provided!  Best costume wins free play!  Treat yourself to a fun afternoon or be tricked!

Both Friday games (1:00 and 7:00) in Corvallis are Party Time as well!  Snacks and free games for best costume at both games!



Albany/Corvallis players reel in the points at the Newport Sectional!

The list of players from our unit who finished First in Class seems almost endless!

Thu Evening Pairs (B) Daniel Rogers, Albany,OR; Alan Lawrence, Albany,OR
Thu Evening Pairs (C) Stan Blascow, Philomath,OR; Mark Rowe, Philomath,OR
Thu Evening 299ers (D/E/F)  Delores Clark, Albany,OR; Gail Schriner, Albany,OR

Fri Morning Pairs (C) Allison Evans, Corvallis,OR; Gayanne Alexander, Corvallis,OR
Fri Afternoon Pairs (B/C) Stan Blascow, Philomath,OR; Mark Rowe, Philomath,OR

Sat Morning Open Pairs (C) Wanda Knight, Albany,OR; Eileen Boal, Albany,OR
Sat Morning 299ers (F) Gayle Peterson, Corvallis,OR; Ryan Porter, Corvallis,OR
Sat Afternoon Pairs (B/C) Mark Rowe, Philomath,OR; Stan Blascow, Philomath,OR

Sat Knockouts (Bracket B)    
     Gayanne Alexander, Corvallis, OR; Allison Evans, Corvallis, OR;
     Chloe Jarvinen, Corvallis, OR; Dick Jarvinen, Corvallis, OR;

Sun Swiss (A)
     Irva Neyhart, Corvallis, OR; Carol Harms, Corvallis, OR;
     Dennis Harms, Corvallis, OR; Brian Breckenridge, Corvallis, OR

Sun Swiss (B)
     Paul Hochfeld, Corvallis, OR; Joyce Dickerson, Corvallis, OR;
     Terrance Hill, Corvallis, OR; T Paul Adams, Blodgett, OR

Sun 299er Swiss  Dwain Sturgeon, Albany, OR; Pat Sturgeon, Albany, OR


Other players who finished with points include:

    Paul Hochfeld, Corvallis,OR; Terrance Hill, Corvallis,OR
    Ruby Miller, Albany,OR; Gail Schriner, Albany,OR
    Ted Overman, Corvallis,OR; Dale Overman, Corvallis,OR
    Eileen Boal, Albany,OR; Wanda Knight, Albany,OR
    Richard Garvin, Corvallis, OR; Terrance Hill, Corvallis, OR
    Becky McKenzie, Corvalis, OR; Karen Nelson, Corvallis, OR
    Joyce Bailey, Corvallis, OR; Eileen Milligan, Corvallis, OR
    Mary Alice Seville, Corvallis, OR; Pat Moore, Corvallis, OR

Congratulations to all for a fabulous showing!



Welcome to the Unit 477 (Corvallis and Albany, Oregon) duplicate bridge clubs’ website!  Officially, we are Unit 477, District 20, of the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL).  Unofficially, we are a group of friendly people who enjoy playing the world’s greatest card game!

Between the two clubs, we offer stratified, duplicate bridge almost every weekday, plus some weekend special events. Games are played in both Albany and Corvallis, days and evenings. On Tuesday afternoons and Friday nights, Corvallis sponsors a game specifically for players with less than 200 masterpoints.

Our clubs use Bridgemate electronic scoring machines that speed the game, provide fast results after the game is over, and produce summaries of the contracts played at each table for every board. Hand records are also available after games.  Additionally, complete results showing session winners, player ranking, and game summaries are available on this website.  To see those results, just click on the Calendar/Scores page, click on a specific day, and then click on either Score or Hand Record.

We also maintain a calendar of current events, so check our Weekly Game Schedule or Special Games page for the times and locations of our games.

The individual clubs have no annual dues, but instead use a pay-as-you-play system—most games at the Albany and Corvallis clubs are $5 per player.  ACBL membership is not a requirement to play, but is required to collect masterpoints.

  • If you would like to join us, all you need to do is show up with your partner at one of the events listed on the Weekly Game Schedule or Special Games page.
  • If you want to play, but don’t have a partner, see Partnerships on the Contacts page for options.
  • If you are new to bridge and would like more information, please contact our New-Player Coordinator, listed on the Contacts page.

We hope to see you at our bridge table . . . soon!