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Score Hero: Things that you must know about the game

There are certain things that you must always know before playing or starting a game like game plays, cheats, codes, hacks etc. These things help you get through the game swiftly and smoothly without many problems. Now Score hero cheats are something almost every player is aware of, these help you get through the game without taking a lot of time and rather help you save resources.

How to Play the Score Hero: Now one can simply go on with their normal rules and regulations or they can follow these ways to play and succeed faster than normal ones. There are several shots that one can use in the game play in order to win these games.

  • Shooting: In this case, draw a line in order to mark the path that the ball will follow and then kick the ball. Always remember, the line must be drawn under the cross bar or else, the ball would go across the goal and you will miss it.


  • Passing: In order to pass a ball to your partner/friend, you have to draw a line to them; this will also give you a chance for achieving scores! In order to get a clear goal, you can hit/play your ball into a blank space in front of them. Lastly, for making an aerial cross, you need to make a line to the partner’s head.


  • Curve Shot: In order to achieve curve shots, you have to curve the lines in order to curve the shots. This will get better with time but you can always try.


  • Energy: Be very careful about how you play your shots, one time, you misplace your shot and you will lose lots of energy. This is to be your priority.


These are not all but most of the shots that you will need to play once you start playing the game. Be very careful about how much energy you invest and how many coins you spend in the game play.

Energy Cheat: You can easily achieve the full energy level in the Score Hero game cheats also. You will have to change your settings in order to achieve that energy level. The steps for doing that are:

  1. Firstly you will have to close the game app by restarting the mobile or device you are playing on or you can exit the game and end task.
  2. Set the timer for 3 hours for the level of full energy.
  3. Open the game again and check for the ships.
  4. Anytime, if you have to gain energy, follow the first 3 steps again.

These steps will ensure that you have full energy after you restart your game from the game application.

Now, these things should help you through the game in going ahead and achieving your supposed goal. You will face difficulties but that is what games are about. Although Score Hero Cheats will help you through the game, you need to have your own skills too!