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Super Mario Run

The games that are available in the app stores of various formats are immensely downloaded and used by the users worldwide. As there are games related to fighting, there are also games that are related to racing and of course running. And as the years passed by, the generation changed, so did the concept of gaming and its formations. Today we can see a number of games that are very realistic yet virtual. So, here we shall discuss a major mobile gaming app that has made a trend in the software development world and the public in general.

The game is actually present in the video game world from the 1980’s but the latest and the interesting version for mobile was launched in the year 2016. And the game is- Super Mario Run. Though this game was released for the mobile format in the year 2016 for iOS, later it was made available for the Android version in the year 2017. This game was developed by Nintendo EPD and was published by Nintendo.

 This is actually a side-scrolling auto running video game which can be played in a single-player mode. The core game is where the player controls the character Mario or even other characters if wanted, to run across the screen while jumping to collect coins and other awards and also to dodge for unwanted objects.

There are also some tips and cheats by which a player can become the best player in this game.

    The run cheat- it can range from many different things, this game has the ability to skip or unlock hidden levels using cheat codes available on the internet.

    Run secrets- these secrets sometimes come in the form of Easter Eggs which are mostly purely cosmetic.

    Run bugs- they can sometimes act as exploits that allow unusual high scores or even the opposite.